Bresser Binoculars

Bresser Binoculars

Bresser binocular’s aim is to magnify visual pictures. The higher the magnification, the more details become visible; on the other hand, the field of view is smaller then. With magnifications of 10x and more, it is recommended using a tripod with the binocular. This has the advantage of a very steady picture without distortions of “nervous” hands.

Compact binoculars such as the 8 x 32s are very light and can be kept in almost any bag. In daytime conditions they offer unrestricted observation quality and are a useful companion whatever the circumstances. For usage in low-light-conditions, a binocular with bigger aperture, e.g. a 7x50 is suitable. The bigger objectives gather more light and give a brighter image to the eye. Generally, binoculars are divided into Porro- and roof prism designs. The difference lies inside the prism systems. A roof-type binocular is more compact because of the advanced prism design.

Bresser Condor dustcaps protect lenses while not in use.

Bresser Condor Binocular dustcaps protect lenses while not in use.

Bresser offers a great series of binoculars with quality optics that are available in a wide range of prices. Further information on each series of Bresser binoculars can be found by visiting the corresponding page below: