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Bresser Erudit Microscopes

The Bresser line of microscopes are great for the advanced amateurs and professionals with quality optics and technical data. Generally, there are two main types of microscopes: Reflection type and transmission type. A reflection-type microscope is suitable for opaque samples like coins, stamps, minerals or insects. Here, the sample is illuminated from above and the reflected light is magnified by the objective.

Stereo microscopes like the Bresser Biolux ICD or Researcher ICD give a three-dimensional view due to their twin objectives. With transmission-type microscopes, the sample is penetrated by the light. In order to make that possible, the sample must be transparent, be prepared and put on a blank slide. Such objects are mostly from within the realm of biology, these microscopes are also called “biological microscopes”.

Bresser Science Microscope

Bresser Science Microscope

Such thin sample slices give a fascinating view inside organs, cell cultures or even minerals. Additionally, there are microscopes that are equipped with both kinds of illumination. Two examples are the Bresser DuoLux and the Researcher ICD. The Bresser microscope portfolio is divided in three lines: Models for beginners, for school and hobbyists and the advanced systems for science and research.

The "beginner" models are very suitable for children and occasional observers. They provide an interesting way to discover the “small” world. The “school & hobby” line offers solid optical and mechanical quality at a reasonable price. The main emphasis lies on practical use. Many of these microscopes are equipped with internal rechargeable batteries for outdoor use. This product line is ideal for schools and hobbyists. It is versatile and expandable. These microscopes can therefore grow with the demands of the user.

The Bresser Science Series of microscopes builds the base for demanding amateurs and professional observers like universities, scientific research and environment institutions. Precise high-class optics and mechanical components meet the high demands of daily laboratory use. Special illumination systems make special applications like fluorescence or polarization microscopy possible or even inverse observation of sediments etc.

Bresser has a high quality series of microscopes that are available in a wide range of features and prices. More information on each series of the Bresser Microscopes can be found by visiting the corresponding page below: